Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Today's post features the bold, vibrant work of artist Bill Scott and the recent exhibition of his work at the Hollis Taggart Gallery in NYC.

"Scott fuses his local artistic heritage together with the raw energy embedded in her abstractions. It is this unique combination of influences—including abstract compositions, saturated color, calligraphic line, large scale, and pure vitality—that drive Scott’s paintings and instill them with expressive spirit." -Facebook/ArtistBillScott

Monday, September 7, 2015


California-based contemporary artist Gary Lang's hypnotic use of color lifts us out of the ordinary. Can only imagine the effect these massive works have in person in surrounding the viewer with their inherent energy and motion and mesmerizing combination of color. "Lang’s paintings pulse, hum and throb. Some are abuzz with electrifying energy. Many seem to be breathing, their rings appearing to protrude into the room and then, as if exhaling, to tunnel back into deep space. Time doesn’t stand still so much as every second seems to be so full of so much good stuff that it seems longer than usual." - David Pagel, Los Angeles Time Review

“My painting process is a vehicle for crossing the threshold. Simply put it is a spiritual adventure that employs discipline and savors changeability. The wellspring source of the work is a mutating truth, which is what I nurture and what I am." - Gary Lang