Friday, October 23, 2015


Because Stephanie Walker has such an eloquent way of saying what I can only feel and paint...wanted to share with you a link to her latest post on what art is and why it is important to us:

"You know, that feeling of your heart suddenly fluttering inside your chest when you see a piece or you feel like you were kicked in the gut because the air was all taken out of your lungs as you gasped at a piece. Sometimes we are so deeply moved by a work of art, we simply cannot move. We are stuck in time and space. "

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Made of acrylic, spray paint and resin on panels, the work of Kent Michael Smith caught my eye this week. He's currently the Director of Marketing at Kemper Museum of Art in Kansas City and is represented by Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art in Kansas City, MO and Carrie Secrist Gallery in Chicago, IL. 

"Composed of hovering masses of suspended geometric forms which produce both faux and literal shadows onto each other as well as onto the autonomous backgrounds; these paintings thrive within a realm of ambiguous representation." -Kent Michael Smith