Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I'm so mesmerized by the work of Dutch artist, Sigrid Calon. The bold graphic nature of her work captivates you with her strong use of color. My favorite pieces are the large "textile translations" of 5 of her designs (pictured above). She's also created a nearly hand-made book that captures her prints. I just ordered one myself and can't wait to receive it.  Calon studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tillburg and her textile background is delightfully evident in her work. 

"Sigrid Calon’s work is formed through the desire and the curiosity to investigate, discover and create. Making new connections and to look differently at what we take for granted...Calon searches for wonderment and is inspired by the things around her, preferably things that are meant for something different: materials, but also objects, situations or spaces." - from Sigridcalon.nl

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Ready for a dose of happy? Megan Carn and her fun, colorful, modern work are this week's behind-the-scenes feature. I just love her vivid use of color and bold strokes. Read on to find out how she got started, who she'd invite to her dream dinner party and what's up next...

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
I have no idea. Honestly. I was an art major in college, but it started out as a way to be an art therapist later. Then, I wanted to be a print designer or fabric designer. I loved doing art, but I never thought I could turn it into a living, or a career. I didn't feel confident enough in my work to say 'I'm going to sell art after I graduate and be an artist!' After I graduated from college in 2013, I got a real job that really had nothing to do with art-it played on my love of people and event planning. After being in that job for a few weeks, I realized that I needed to be doing something creative. During the day, I was itching to paint. That was when I realized that I needed to be doing art. And being an artist. Because art is what made me happiest. (I left my job after a year and three months to be an artist full time!)

The unexpected art supply you can’t live without… 
HMMM. Honestly, I use my hands quite a bit. Like literally, put my fingers in the paint and paint with them. It adds texture and I feel like I have more control that way! Other than that, I use pretty basic supplies.

Dream dinner party... (4-5 guests, living or dead...)
Oh, man. This is a hard one. I love cooking, and if I had my way it would be all of my best friends that live in so many spread out places now-- we are never all together at the same time and that would be awesome. 

If I could have a second dinner party, it would be Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton and Prince William of Cambridge, the Queen of England, of course, Roxy Owens of Society Social (because she's the hostess with the mostess), Lilly Pulitzer (the queen of parties), and all of my personal art crushes from my blog + the people from the first dinner party. I like big parties. 

Favorite contemporary artist/s: 
I am the worst when it comes to favorites. I have so many! I love de Kooning, a huge list of Charleston artists (Lulie Wallace, Teil Duncan, Sally King Benedict), Britt Bass, Claire Dejardins, Emily Rickard-- so many. 

How do you feed your head? (What inspires you?)
Being outside on a beautiful day, looking through a great photography book, baking delicious goodies, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, shopping and looking through fashion books, surrounding myself with friends' artwork... the list goes on! I enjoy beautiful things, and those things always give me inspiration. 

What's inspiring you at the moment? 
I have a gorgeous painting by Susan Skelley in my living room and a wonderful painting by Susie Bettenhausen hanging in my bedroom, among other things-- both of those are challenging me to go outside of my usual lines and boundaries and to push myself a little further. Also, I have been itching to travel-- so I've been working on a wanderlust series. 

Fear in art, how do you fight it?
I have to calm myself down a lot. I get stressed because I'm swamped on commissions and behind on the originals I want to be doing, and what if people don't like my new originals and then I die?! (exaggerating about dying, of course.)

Then I think to myself, stop being ridiculous. I won't die. I'll eventually get all of the commissions done. Someone, somewhere will love my work. I'm an artist; I have an original way of doing things and an original point of view, and someone, somewhere will love it. And if they don't, I'll love it, and so nothing else really matters.

Also, I make lists. A lot of lists. They get me through. 

My uniform... 
Sounds ridiculous, but nike running shorts and an oversized tshirt. Works every time. and I don't mind getting paint ALL over it. 

On the nightstand... (What are you reading?)
Right now, not much. I am starting Amy Poehler's "yes, please!" this week, though! I love reading non-fiction, especially historic things. And of course, coffee table books galore. 

What’s next? Project you are currently working on…
Right now, I'm working on a travel series, some brightly colored nudes and abstracts, and per usual, the animals. (Oh, and a book! But more details are coming on that later!)

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Rebeca Raney is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is filled with color, play and loads of whimsey. I can't get enough of her happy color and joyful strokes she incorporates into her work. Raney studied at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA) and the School of Visual Arts (MFA). Her work has been featured in various publications including the New York Times and she recently collaborated on a collection with fashion retailer Madewell. Her work is available at Uprise Art. 

"Her work is filled with whimsical flora, hybrid animals, and a cast of characters from an imaginary world the artist refers to as RANEYTOWN. Rebeca’s sculptures are inspired by her drawings and created as a means of bringing her drawings to life – the characters in her drawings realized in her sculptures with colorful fabric upholstery and tangible adornments such as her signature hand-embroidery." - Upriseart.com

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I can't get enough of the bright, vivid, bohemian watercolors of Hawaiian-born artist Kiana Mosley. She's been featured in Elle Decor, Anthology Magazine, The Jealous Curator and more. AND she's offered us a peak inside her head and her studio...read on to find out how she knew she wanted to be an artist, what other artists she's loving at the moment, what her upcoming plans are and more...

When did you know you wanted to be an artist? 

I always knew I was a creative, I was born of many... but I didn’t think I would ever work in the arts, as they were simultaneously encouraged and discouraged. Watching my family members struggle and face the darker side of artistry, The other positive and truly fulfilling sides were not apparent until much later in life... I had to go/grow through a lot to get there.

The unexpected art supply you can’t live without…

I really never imagined watercolor would end up being my staple - I was trained on traditional mediums, though I did explore multi-media and collage, sculpyure and impermanent forms (like tagging! gasp!) 

I really have to credit my Cousin Courtney O’dell (Sweet C’s Designs) for encouraging me to explore the medium more seriously.

That being said, keep me stocked up in Dr. PH Martins Hydrus and I’m in sheer Heaven... 

Dream dinner party... (4-5 guests, living or dead...)

Well! I think I’d bring a mix of living and deceased (That’s not at all strange in the art “Realm” right?) 
I think I’d just love to see how everybody engages and interacts - here’s my short list (and they can all have +1’s or 2’s 
-Bob Marley
-My Father
-Salvador Dali
-Jeff Bridges
-Gilda Radner
-Shel Silverstein
-Tina Fey
-Helen Frankenthaler
-Pieter Brughel

Oh the list goes on...

Favorite contemporary artist/s

Completely in love with mural artist Maya Hayuk, and the Photography of John Hook - the ceramic work  and paintings of Michelle Blade 

See I have a long list of art crushes... you’re on it too! (tee hee!)

How do you feed your head? (What inspires you?)

Music. Music. and even more music... and if I am able just going out walking somewhere random - or planned. but getting out of my own head is required to jump back in and just flow - I am a fine mix of type A, and type “whatever man” personalities... lol! blame it on being a Gemini, so it just depends on the day I suppose.

What's inspiring you at the moment? 

at the moment I am completely overly OBSESSED with big bold washy interpretive botanical work - blame that on my excitement in moving back home to Hawaii... I mean, I have always loved tropicals - but this is a giant and amazing life change for me. so it’s at the forefront

Fear in art, how do you fight it?
Can’t fight it. It is what it is - You just have to take a deep breath and leap at it.

My uniform... 



ah, ok in heavy rotation: big breezy linen dresses, yoga and sweat pants.

But I clean up pretty good. :)

What you wish you had known when you were just starting out:

I am still learning. I never want to stop - And I think that my particular learning curve has followed the path it has needed to. I’ts been a wild ride! 

I do wish I had gone to school before having a family though... that was a really hard thing to do. possible yes, but it was Harrrrd. 

But I think I also kind of carved my path outside of the traditional school path, so - I don’t know, I just really believe things play out a certain way for a reason. I am still always grateful, and sometimes surprised, even when I thinks it’s “planned” maybe there’s a touch of kismet too... 

I’m rambling. But that makes for a really good, but complicated conversation!

On the nightstand... (What are you reading?)

I just started Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire,
and I just finished (again) Leaves of Grass.

What’s next? Project you are currently working on…
oh secrets!! well I can share that one of them may or may not have a bullseye involved. and the other is just such a dream collabo.

Beyond that, I have hesitated to really start new stuff for the sake of moving overseas... but when  I get settled look out! I really want to start working with much bigger pieces... I dabbled on canvas, but not truly with paper.