Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I'm so mesmerized by the work of Dutch artist, Sigrid Calon. The bold graphic nature of her work captivates you with her strong use of color. My favorite pieces are the large "textile translations" of 5 of her designs (pictured above). She's also created a nearly hand-made book that captures her prints. I just ordered one myself and can't wait to receive it.  Calon studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tillburg and her textile background is delightfully evident in her work. 

"Sigrid Calon’s work is formed through the desire and the curiosity to investigate, discover and create. Making new connections and to look differently at what we take for granted...Calon searches for wonderment and is inspired by the things around her, preferably things that are meant for something different: materials, but also objects, situations or spaces." - from Sigridcalon.nl

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