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One of my favorite things about doing this blog is not only discovering some amazing artists, but getting to know them through the process. It has become such an unexpected gem and I can't tell you how excited I am to share their stories and insights. Hopefully you will find them as inspiring as I do! This week's featured artist is Very Marta. I was immediately captivated by her dreamy, watercolors and her incredible use of color. And it has become such a pleasure getting to know her! It's interesting through our email conversations, she told me about her amazing journey to becoming an artist and moving to the U.S. despite the odds. Her story is so inspiring to anyone afraid to take that leap. I just had to include it in her interview...

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but I always wanted to be an artist. Actually I really thought I’d be a writer. You won’t hear any crazy poetic eloquence in my English, but I grew up with a family working with linguistics and literature so I read and wrote stories all day long. I got to amazing schools thanks to winning some literary scholarships and almost met Bjork in Paris after being chosen a runner upper in an international writing competition. Almost...

After some time in USA I started feeling like an island — my Polish was useless and my English felt ok but not perfect at all. 

Because I painted all my life (my mom always says she was lucky because all I needed was a set of watercolors) and I grew up with an amateur painter (father) after coming to USA I specifically made a commitment to communicate visually.

I think it came from a point of sadness about loosing that special gift of eloquence which I wasn’t able to use in English. If I think about it now I almost feel that I came back to painting out of upset.  

What was your path to becoming an artist like? How did you make that leap?

I came to Atlanta GA for an internship during my 4rd year of University and I explored. I was shocked; by people, possibilities, colors, smiles, things, museums, that you could rent any number of books from the library, young people+cars, freedom, openness, again — possibilities. Poland is gorgeous but it's a hard country to live, be an artist... 

I sold my first original sitting on the pavement in Atlanta and I knew I could make it happen here. But I had to go back and to finish my Masters. After that it's pretty much impossible to fly back to America. USA has very strict rules for Poland; once you're out of collage you can forget about getting any visa if you don't have any family here, lots of money in Poland (to prove you're going to come back). 

So, I faked it. 

I borrowed bunch of money from everyone I knew, I got all documents from my deadened job (proving how awesome and needed I am in there), basically faked my stable roots. When the immigration officer looked into my eyes he knew.. he knew.. I was the last person to enter the room. He knew I have plans bigger than to see New York and travel for 6 months. How a young Polish girl could afford to just travel in America..?
He looked at me and he said : you better make it worth was a miracle...miracle. He was a miracle worker.

The unexpected art supply you can’t live without…

Light. Crazy, right? I fight the darkness all the time. Searching for the brightest light bulbs is my addiction. *husband rolls his eyes…* My next studio (after we move) is going to be mostly glass

Dream dinner party... (4-5 guests, living or dead…)

Women women women only :
Georgia O’Keefe (because I cried after seeing her original painting in Atlanta)
Ewa Kuryluk (for her mysticism)
Madonna (for fun and swearing)
Bjork (as a visionary)
Vera Farmiga (I’d give her few poems to read — that voice..)
Some good medium (I’m a hunted stories junkie for sure)

Favorite contemporary artist/s

I love your work! I hope to own one of your originals soon
Karina Bania — she’s my latest discovery and has an amazing instagram feed @karinabania
Dani Schafer
Christina Baker
HyunRyoung Kim
Elise Morris
Alison Cooley
Heather Day
Meredith Pardue

How do you feed your head? (What inspires you?)

Work inspires me. I’m usually embarrassed to talk about my interests outside of work because there is not much. My work is everything to me. 

What's inspiring you at the moment? 

Actually my morning routine. I get up and work out HIIT for 15-20 minutes to sweat off the dreams, drink 20oz of water, set my podcasts, boil an egg, boil water for the best organic coffee, brew coffee, eat an egg with onion, cucumber and salt, feed my chipmunks, light 2 incenses, drink coffee while scrolling thorough instagram and I’m all set to go. I like to bike heavily for 45 min at least every other day and I read a lot. I think moving my body and words inspire me the most — written ones or spoken ones (interviews etc). 

Fear in art, how do you fight it?

I look back and I see my progress; in art, in a final piece but also in my self-confidence and where I am. To keep going is to leap. And I leap every day.
Also, daily commitments are important to me. If I have to show up I can’t care about fear. But the trust in myself is the most important; I’ve been working on/with it for a while and every time I doubt I look back and see that young girl leaving everything behind to hop on a plane across the ocean with 600 bucks and I know I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m so ok.

My uniform... 

Leggings, tshirt, bare feet in the studio
Distressed pants, leather jacket and heals outside of the studio.

What you wish you had known when you were just starting out:

I don’t think I had any epiphanies nor that I can pinpoint a special teachings.
In my case the journey is the teacher and without the time spent, and lost, and gained I wouldn’t be here. 

On the nightstand... (What are you reading?)

I only have Polish books on my nightstand because my mom yells at me for forgetting Polish words :) These have nothing to do with art and aren’t translated into English so I spare you. Oh, actually there is one English book/notbook and it’s a fun one : “The Oracle Book”. I like to open it randomly and see what is has to tell me. 

What’s next? Project you are currently working on…

I paint a lot and — as you — I’m looking forward to working with few galleries this year. I’ve partnered with few art publishers and I’m preparing 2 collections for Australia and New Zealand market right now.
I’m also a commercial illustrator and I’m juggling few things at once.
I’ve just wrapped up a huge project where I painted 100 botanicals and hand lettered same amount and I know 40 more is coming my way. I have 2 perfume brands I’m working with right now and I’m finishing a set of paintings for One King’s Lane.
Additionally I always wanted to have a set of stationary so it’s an ongoing project — I hope to land few stores this year. And there are my painted/printed scarves, pillows, table runners, kitchen towels laying around and not finished. Oh, and bags…
You know, a crazy mess that is oh-so-lovely.

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