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Ready for a beautiful dose of whimsy, fantasy and pure childhood-like joy that you'll feel as you gaze at the stunning work of artist Jennifer Davis? I want to dive right into her work and stay and play. I can't get enough of her use of color, pattern and delightful imagination. 

"Endlessly inventive and gently strange, her characters are simultaneously unsettling and endlessly appealing. With tiny eyes and zipper mouths, they bumble haplessly about, falling into dreamy reveries or tumbling into ponds. Davis' endlessly fertile imagination is well served by her linear style and pale palette."- Minneapolis Star Tribune

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
I took my first art class during college and fell in love with making things. I was already 4 years in but I changed my major and stayed in school for two more years to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I didn’t have any interest in art up to that point so it was a lucky discovery!

The unexpected art supply you can’t live without…Sequin Mesh! 
I use it as a stencil to make the tiny honeycomb like pattern in my paintings.

Favorite contemporary artist/s
So many it is hard to make a list. Lately I’ve been very into Olaf Hajek, Jennifer Sanchez, Marco Wagner…

How do you feed your head? (What inspires you?)I like horror films, vintage toys, vintage carousel animals, bikes rides, cats and stuff.

What's inspiring you at the moment? I found some 24” diameter pine discs that were a leftover from someone’s special order at the hardware store. I have no idea what they are meant for but they are great for making round paintings. I bought a couple and had so much fun painting on them…I splurged and returned to buy all of them. 

Fear in art, how do you fight it?There is no fear associated with art for me. Painting is one of the greatest joys of my life. 

My uniform... is so scary. I get paint on everything so I wear really ugly, embarrassing, gross “paint clothes” every day in my studio. Luckily I work at home so only my partner (and occasionally the mail carrier) is subjected to my layered insane clown outfits.

What you wish you had known when you were just starting out:I wish my art school education had included some of the more practical skills that I use everyday. Money management, tax prep, accounting, grant writing, etc. I’ve had to claw my way along and make a lot of mistakes to learn those basic skills in order to actually make a living from my art.

On the nightstand... (What are you reading?)I just finished “All the Things I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng (Two thumbs up!) and I’m about to start “The Deadlands” by Benjamin Percy.

What’s next? Project you are currently working on…I’m about to make 8 little paintings for the 18th installment of the Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.

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