Thursday, July 16, 2015



So excited to be a part of this new show at Walker Contemporary. This is definitely a dream come true to have my work in a major gallery. It is such a pleasure to work with someone as wonderful as gallery-owner Stephanie Walker. Couldn't ask for a more passionate and enthusiastic art expert to represent my work. Here's a peek at the show with my work alongside that of talented artist Jeff Perrott.

"Every piece I make is born from a whole lot of joy, peace, sweat, grit, hundreds of hours of trial and error, play, fear, doubt, grace, faith, strength and a relentless love of creating. There is a voice inside of me that pushes through the fear and doubt and says to just create. I must create. I have to create. And when I do, it fills me with so much happiness."


"The paintings are composed by a Random Walk (RW) process – a chance-based, stochastic process where the direction and placement of each mark is driven by the successive random spins of a game spinner. The abstract and biomorphic linear elements accumulate toward a mix of density and openness, kind of like a population morphology. The accumulation follows its own momentum from moment to moment, tracing a spontaneous, uncertain trajectory. So the movement of the elements and the development of the paintings is at once controlled and deliberate, and unconcerned and meandering. The chance process simply begins and goes and stops, allowing a spontaneous evolution that counters the willful catharsis of most action painting. To me the process invites a deeper consideration of these familiar gestalt hierarchies applied to abstract painting, and presents an alternative, as it wanders: a glimpse at the shape, if not the definition, of the confluence of uncertainty, possibility, flux -- a locus for the possibility of freedom."

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