Monday, April 27, 2015


I recently stumbled upon the work of artist Kent Youngstrom on Lulu & Georgia and I was immediately smitten with his bold use of color and energetic brush strokes.  His work is fun, inspiring and easy to get addicted to. Check out how he first discovered art, what his process is like and how he handles fear in art...

How did art find you? we found each other.  i was bouncing around between interior design, graphic design and art.  i always came back to or long to be with art.  there is no pretense.  no reason to change something to please others.  art turns me on.

What was it like when you were just getting started?  laughable.  unprepared. intoxicating minus the morning gatorade.  i had no idea what i was doing or what direction i was headed. not exactly sure when i started to be honest.  i think it was and continues to be a blessing that i fumble around like a new dad in the grocery store and try to to follow someone else’s lead.

Why should we do what we love every day?   have a drink with the guy who hates what he does everyday.  that sounds fun huh.

Fear and art. What's it like? Being an artist can have its ups and downs and unpredictability. i’m crawl in a ball and hide under the desk afraid every time i show something new.  i am my work. its called exposure for a reason.

What's your creative process like? i just do.  i wake up.  get off the couch.  show up on time.  work my backside off and i surprise people - then do it all over again.    how do i know it’s done? i feel it’s exhaustion.  

I make paintings with no pretense. I just paint what I like. (And I like to feel alive).

small secret… i occasionally paint things i assume will sell well.  it seems to pan out like ben fleck as batman.  when i put all pretense aside and just let the work flow it is more academy award winning.

What's your studio like? small garage + 1200 paintings in 5 years = need for new space…  warehouse facility in Matthews which contains an office, a gallery and a working studio.  rolling working spaces. large walls to stretch canvas.  room for 20 people at painting classes. gallery openings. holiday and corporate event parties.  grateful.

Last experience that totally blew your mind?  California.  winter.  surfing.  i felt alive but couldn’t feel much else in the cold water.

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  1. Such beautiful work done by artist. I am also an interior designer, and I love to see great arts work always. Last week I attended art exhibition at corporate events Chicago venues. What a great event it was. Artists did amazing work.