Friday, April 24, 2015


"The work of Austin, Texas-based visual artist Ysabel LeMay can be summed up simply: W.O.W. It stands for her 'Wonderful Other Worlds,' digitally composed panoramas of natural splendor so vividly realized that one feels drawn to step into them. While the technique is high-tech, LeMay's hypercollage process is instinctual and organic, allowing each piece to dictate its own destiny." -quoted from LeMay's site. 

The other day I had the privilege of seeing LeMay's work at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. WOW is such an appropriate word to sum it up. Her work is so beautiful, it will bring a tear to your eye. I will show you some photos of her work, but I assure you it will not do it justice. There is nothing like seeing it in person. Her work surrounds you and wraps you in this cocoon of the most beautiful world you can imagine. The beauty of nature's best parts, all swirled together is so delightfully overwhelming. See more of her work here and please if you can, go check out her show

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